Lasting relief, day and night, even while sleeping

XyliMelts for Dry Mouth (pronounced: zy-li-melts) are natural oral adhering discs that time release 550mg of Xylitol and an oral lubricant into the mouth to stimulate saliva, lubricate the mouth, and suppress bacteria that flourish in a dry mouth.

XyliMelts adhere firmly to teeth or gums, they require no chewing, no active sucking or moving around with your tongue. The adhesion is strong enough for XyliMelts to be used safely during sleep. They can be used with dentures, implants and CPAP machines. They are available with a mild-mint flavour or mint-free.

Directions for Use

XyliMelts positioning


XyliMelts are approved in the UK by the MHRA and carry a CE mark.

"XyliMelts essentially prevent disease, provide relief and improve health. I highly recommend this product to my patients for its multiple oral health benefits and slow release mechanism." Tim Ives RDH, BSc (Hons), MA Med Ed

"What is lovely to hear from my patients after recommending XyliMelts is the relief they feel after applying them day or night."
Jocelyn Harding RDH, CEB, Dip DH (RADC)

"In our pharmacy we began recommending XyliMelts for relief and have had a great response. This is one of the best products to relieve dry mouth" Dmitry Lefelman RPh


550mg xylitol (active ingredient), acacia gum, mild natural mint, cellulose gum, calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate (all natural, contains no; fat, animal products, fermentable sugar, colour, flavouring, salt, preservatives, nuts, corn, wheat, rice, grain, gluten, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, milk or yeast).

Where to Buy XyliMelts

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Europe OraCoat Europa ☎ +44 203 772 543

USA OraHealth Corp ☎ +1 425 451 9876

XyliMelts XyliFacts

XyliMelts contain 550mg of Xylitol which stimulates saliva production and suppresses the bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay (and gum disease and bad breath etc).

They also contain cellulose gum which acts as a lubricant for improved comfort.

XyliMelts adhere to teeth, gums, braces and dentures - slowly dissolving away to nothing over a period of hours, approximately 2 hours during the day and 5 hours while sleeping.

Over 1800 drugs cause dry mouth, including anti-depressants, narcotics, anti-histamines, heart meds, anti-psychotics, incontinence medications, and more…

Radio-therapy, using CPAP machines, sleep apnoea, Sjögren’s Syndrome, oral lichen planus and sadly – just getting old, can all cause dry mouth. 20% of people aged 70 have dry mouth.

XyliMelts for Dry Mouth

40 million XyliMelts were sold in the US last year.

The effect is topical, it is not systemic, there are no contraindications.

Some people can experience gut discomfort when consuming over 3g of xylitol at one time, XyliMelts only release 550mg over a period of time.

Only 1 in 10,000 people show any reaction to the natural acacia gum adhesive (for whom there is an alternative).

The ingredients are all natural, XyliMelts can be used by vegans.

Dry mouth is worst while sleeping when saliva flow is lowest, it disturbs sleep and causes rampant tooth decay.

Many people report that using 1 or 2 XyliMelts while sleeping provides them with a whole night’s sleep and that when they wake their mouths still feel moist and fresh.

Xylitol is anti-cariogenic, it reduces plaque and tooth decay.

One XyliMelts disc will raise blood glucose equivalent to 300mg of typical sugar.

When dissolved in 5 parts water XyliMelts have a pH of 8.1